Featured Performance

Spectacular and Creative Dancing from Splendid Taiwan 【臺灣情•舞新意】

Da-Guan Dance Theater

Da-Guan Dance Theater 

Drawing upon the experience of quotidian Taiwanese life, the iconography and totems of folk beliefs, and observations of and immersion within nature, Da-Guan Dance Theater has choreographed this amazing series of dance pieces to showcase the boundless vitality of a new generation of professional dancers from Taiwan.

Sponsored by Overseas Community Affairs Council

Stage Program

Journey to Broadway


AMCreative/Taiwan and Forecast Productions/NYC present, an exciting array of rising actors who are pursuing their theater studies in NYC. Come and enjoy songs and dance from a variety of Broadway musicals featuring new choreography by Carrie Mo and Christine Cheng, plus the dazzling Monica Meng Chieh Lu at the keyboard.  They have been seen on the stages of The Taipei Performing Arts Center.

Forecast Productions/Promotion NYC

Christian Fletcher, Artistic Director

Nicole Davey, Director and Choreographer

Ginger Rice


 Ginger Rice is musical duo of Chase W. Nelson and Mitch (Ming-Hsueh) Lin. The group combines an acoustic folk aesthetic with classical technique to share fresh interpretations of songs from myriad genres, including Taiwanese folk and American pop. They focus on producing a “stripped” live sound characterized by simplicity and tonal depth, used in new arrangements of both old work and that of emerging composers.


Stephanie Chou


Stephanie Chou  is a saxophonist, singer, and composer based in New York City. Her music combines eastern & western influences with jazz and pop harmonies and rhythms. Raised in Irvington, NY, Chou studied mathematics and music at Columbia University. She performs as a guest artist for workshops on leadership and jazz with the Columbia University Business School.


Classical Taike


Fusion Taiwanese music: a mix of old time Taiwanese tunes and New York classics. Sing and dance along with Taiwan’s very own Santaizi. Get festive, get hype, and get moving with Taiwan vibes under the New York Summer sun!

SanTaiZi Summer Stars 2019


 A performance by a collective of joyful performers who bring a smile to the audience through the costume of the Santaizi. A late cultural figure turned icon, the Santaizi spreads positivity worldwide with its ultramodern dance hits. Move with the Santaizi as they bring together a brighter and more colorful community. 



12:00 PM Church Service

12:15 PM Opening Ceremony 

12:30 PM Classical Taike 古典台客 

12:45 PM Ginger Rice + Naomi

01:15 PM Journey to Broadway

02:00 PM Da-Guan Dance Theater - Spectacular and Creative Dancing from Splendid Taiwan 【臺灣情•舞新意】

03:25 PM Stephanie Chou 

04:10 PM SanTaiZi Summer Stars 2019

04:20 PM Justin Wood Circus 

04:45 PM Raffle & Closing