New York

May 28th, 2017


@ Union Square North

Subway 4, 5, 6, L, N, R, Q, W to Union Square

The celebration of Taiwanese American heritage week in NYC.

The largest Taiwanese event in the US

Our annual "Passport to Taiwan" (P2TW) Festival is held in May for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, as well as to align with Taiwanese American Heritage Week. Now approaching our 16th year, the festival has become the largest Taiwanese event in the United States. Most importantly, our event has evolved into a celebration of diversity, highlighting how the United States is indeed a melting pot of many beautiful cultures.

Please join us for a day of festivities.

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NY to Taipei round trip Ticket (by EVA AIR), NY to Taipei round trip Ticket (by China Airlines), US to Taipei round trip Ticket (by Air Canada) , Taitung Fusion Cooker (by Jean Huang), Krups Coffee Maker (by Eason Wu), Rowenta Steam Iron (by Eason Wu), T-fal 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (by Eason Wu), Rose House's Fine China Set X 2 (by F&T Group), Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (by TAANY), $50 Cash (by Sue Wei), $50 Cash (by Sue Wei), Shi-Shu Village Hand Crafted Fish Bags Gift Set (by TAANY), Portable Camp Chair (by TAANY), Fresh One Cup Gift Box Set X 10 (by Welluck), One Session Family Photograph X 2 (by PicVoyage Photography), Food of Taiwan Cookbook by Cathy Erway (by Cathy Erway)


Alvin Ailey


Pan fried dumplings and noodle by Apo/(鍋貼,炒麵)
Intestine Vermicelli (大腸麵線)
Taiwanese Tempura (甜不辣(黑輪))
Rice Dumpling & Red Sticky Rice Cake (肉粽,紅龜粿,草仔粿)
Lobabeng - Rice with Formosan Ragu, Taiwanese Chicken rolls, Rice Vermicelli (滷肉飯, 雞捲, 炒米粉)
Steam Rice Cake & Steam Crystal Meatball (碗粿, 肉圓)
Ai-Yu Lemon Drink (愛玉)
Mango & Red Bean Shaved Ice (芒果, 紅豆剉冰)
Ice Cream Wrap & Mochi Ice Cream (潤餅冰淇淋,麻糬冰淇淋)
Vegetarian “Blood” Pudding(紫菜糕)

Oyster Pancake(蚵仔煎)
Radish cake, Scallion Pancake, Taro Cake (蘿蔔糕, 蔥油餅, 芋粿巧)
Catmint Wheel Cake (台式車輪餅)
Taiwanese Grilled sausage (台灣香腸)
Hakka Crystal Dumplings, Rice Noodle Soup, Vegetable Steam Bun (客家水晶餃,米苔、菜包)
Bubble Tea by CoCo (珍珠奶茶)
Popcorn Chicken, Taiwan Tempura, Wintermelon Tea by TK Kitchen (鹹酥雞、炸甜不辣、冬瓜茶)
Guabao - Taiwanese Hamburger (割包)
Sausage within sausage, Smoked Duck (大腸包小腸,樟茶鴨)
Crispy Giant Squid, Crispy Chicken Cutlet by Chi Ken (台式炸魷魚、炸雞排)
Fresh Spring roll wrap, Pork Chop Lunchbox (潤餅,排骨飯)
Keki Modern Bakery
Imported Products from Well Luck Co, Inc
Imported Products from Walong Marketing, Inc

Theme Exhibits

Notable Taiwanese American Project
Bike Tour with Steven Huang
Compassionate Taiwan with Tzu-Chi Foundation
Famous Taiwan Cuisine Connoisseur - Amazing Gourmet Demonstrations

Hakka Culture Experience
Shiisu Old Street Cultural Mart of Tainan

Organizations and Agencies

Formosan Association of Public Affairs (FAPA)

Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG)

Tzu-Chi Foundation


Taiwanese American Professional - New York (TAP-NY)

Taiwan Center

Taiwan National Treasure Foundation


New Tang Dynasty TV

Department of Health - NYC

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Cultural Center of TECO-NY

Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York


Gold ($10,000 & Above)

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Bronze ($2000 & Above)
Shi-Tai United Fund
Gramercy Surgery Center, Inc

Supporter ($1000 & Above)
World United Formosans for Independence, USA
Friendwell Management
Starkes Gems, Inc
Goode Realty Co.

Friend ($500 & Above)
Patrick Chang Chen
Daniel J Huang, DDS
Helen H. Wang
Foun Chung Fan
Lung Fong Chen

Thank you ($100 & Above)
Yao Yung Chang & Shu-O Cheng Chang, Bing Ming Su & Shiu-Chin H Su, Joseph C. Kau & Shua Y. Kuo, Linda S.C. Assoon, Catherine T Su, Hsing C. Chang & Soo C. Chang, Jerry Chin Li Huang & Susan Su Lan Huang, Wally & Reihwa Huang, Julie Wu & Charngshyong Wu, Mr Zheng, Sasha Chou, PicVoyage Photography, Chin L. Liu & Mei H. Yu, Pi Tang Lin M.D., Morgan F. Chang & Eileen Chang, Francis St. Lin & Lieh Yrieh Lin, Sheng-Chia Chang & Tai Ching Chang, George T. H. Lin, Chia-Der Wu MD PC